by yang02

Term | 会期: 2016. September 23 (Fri) – October 21 (Fri) 

Opening Reception September 23 Fri 19:00-21:30 

open : 11:00-19:00 (Tue-Sat)
Closed : Sunday, Monday, Holidays
オープン:火曜〜土曜 11:00-19:00 / 日月祝祭日 閉廊

Venue | 会場 : CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY, Tokyo
2F, 7-18-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1060032, Japan
tel : +81 3 3405 8438

Supported by | 協力 : Higashiyama Artists Placement Service (HAPS)

More about the artist 作家詳細 |  yang02

Facebook event page | www.facebook.com/events/1698143653844042/

artsy | artsy.net/show/clear-edition-and-gallery-examples-by-yang02

ENG follows
この度、CLEAR EDITION & GALLERYでは京都/東京を拠点に制作を行っているyang02(やんツー)の個展を開催いたします。直近ではあいちトリエンナーレへの参加も果たしており、ますます今後の活躍が期待される若手作家の一人です。

グラフィティやストリートアート等、公共圏での表現への関心と大学でメディアアートを学んできたバックグラウンドを軸に、yang02は主にデジタルメディアを用いた作品制作に取り組んできました。大学卒業後は自律的に振る舞うドローイングマシンの制作を続けており、国内外で作品を発表し評価を高めてきました。二重振り子によるカオスな物理運動というランダムな現象を用いてタギング(グラフィティ)のダイナミズムを抽出した代表作《SENSELESS DRAWING BOT》や、外的環境変化をパラメータとして取り入れ、展示空間とインタラクションを持ちながら動作/描画し抽象画を生成するドローイング装置群《SEMI-SENSELESS DRAWING MODULES》など、従来表現の主体とされる作家(人間)の意図や存在そのものを描画行為から排除し機械に表現を代替させることを試みてきました。このように絵を描くという表現行為を装置に委ねることで崇高だと思われがちな作家の存在を疑い、表現の本質とは何かと問いかけてきました。




We are proud to announce our upcoming solo exhibition by one of the most prominent emerging Japanese artists yang02 (pronounced  yan two). He is also currently exhibiting at the Aichi Triennial. 

With his interest in art forms found in public realms such as graffiti / street art, and his education in media art, yang02 has been creating works mainly using digital media. After finishing his studies, he has been continuously creating drawing machines, and exhibiting both domestically and internationally. His works have been based on the concept of erasing the “human-ness”, the intention and even the physical existence of humans during the process of creating an art form. One of his most renown works the “SENSELESS DRAWING BOT”,  is a graffiti tag machine using the random and chaotic physical movement created by a double pendulum,  while the “SEMI-SENSELESS DRAWING MODULES” is an interactive piece which moves and draws an abstract image based on a parameter set by the changes in its external environment. By giving a machine the initiative of depicting an image, yang02 questions the sublime-ness of the so called “artists” and the essential factors of what creation is.

For the solo exhibition “Examples” yang02 will exhibit a new body of work, based on his street / media art perspectives and using sample images of online 3DCG programs (which include physics based simulations) as his motifs. “My interests and awareness towards art has shifted from a 2 dimensional perspective to a 3 dimensional figures, objects and the atmosphere created by them.”  says yang02, who also mentions the possibility of several moving objects with an art installation that can transform. Simultaneously, by using the primitive compositions created by physics samples images of 3DCG programs, yang02 attempts to portray the relationship between objects and objects, humans and objets from a different perspective. With various inspirations transcending time, yang02 will portray a new perspective when encountering new textures and universal objects.

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