by Rey Parla / レイ・パルラ

Term | 会期: 2017. Oct 6 – Nov 4, 2017

Opening Reception :  Oct 6 (Fri) 19:00-21:30


open : 11:00-19:00 (Tue-Sat)
Closed : Sunday, Monday, Holidays
オープン:火曜〜土曜 11:00-19:00 / 日月祝祭日 閉廊

Venue | 会場 : CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY, Tokyo
2F, 7-18-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1060032, Japan
tel : +81 3 3405 8438


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“Multiplicity and surprise have always been a part of my interests. Working between these shifting modes of creation is my intention.”

CE&G is highly pleased to announce INTENTIONS, the first solo exhibition of Brooklyn-based artist Rey Parlá in Tokyo, presenting his latest positions in photography and film made in Tokyo and New York City.

Rey Parlá is interested in the duality of the inner and outer worlds of human existence; the gray bridge that binds any life or the ambiguity of an inanimate object, and how perceptions of art between these pairs may be interpreted, contemplated, adapted, or documented. Parlá significantly references the framework of avant-guard aesthetics and the historical canon of photography as his medium without any limitation on its plural open-ended contemporary meanings and its democratically borderless palette of unorthodox technologies.

The exhibition is a continuation and expansion of themes from Parlá’s well received Borderless show in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The study of line, luminosity, abstraction, self-examination, self-reflection of photographic objects, concrete pictorial conditions, and their possibilities are further explored in INTENTIONS. The photographs here are objects presented – they only represent themselves and not the real world. The works are photographs about photography.

The focus of his imagery is guided in the intuitive process that gives birth to a subjective concrete work formulated by introspection, improvisation, and reflection. This allows Parlá to arrange and design works with “multiple compositions,” a borderless and non-hierarchical universe, which can be rotated vertically or horizontally as desired – the focal point is up to the viewers, so that in this way they may better access the artist’s system of choices.

Parla’s work is concerned with the process of image creation. The themes of light, color, forms, and consciousness are the central components of his work. Both the artist’s mind and body are fully involved, engaged and interconnected in the conceptualization of the objects from ideas into what the artist labels as “action processing” – the works take time to be fully observed and produce open-ended meanings for the audience.

Rey grounds his practice in experimental thinking to arrive at the process of finding decisions and draws upon the history of photography and it’s old and contemporary processes; particularly in relation to perception, time, and creativity, to create its own rules. He is also influenced by poetry, music, design, and painting. Parla’s work triggers an intuitive response from the viewer through the artist’s endless interests in a variety of methods to produce an art of diverse experience by creating images with and without a camera. Although it is difficult to deduce the entirety of his methods simply by looking at the works, errant geometric marks and lines that often appear throughout the images, suggesting etching, or mark-making onto the raw material of the negative’s emulsion. The rest can be interpreted as being shrouded in a veil of artistry and mystery.

Originally trained as a filmmaker, Rey Parlá continues to defy categorization with interest in a variety of methods to produce abstract optical works that are multiple singularities of illusory creations. Inspired by experimental cinema, Parlá has captured movement in a kind of freeze frame that vibrates with a hum of silent breaths. These elements are woven together into a forward thinking fabric presented as one unit. At once elemental and sophisticated, historical and freshly contemporary, rigorously analytical and full of uncertainty, the show is much like the global atmosphere both politically and environmentally. The works are lyrical and precisely intense with an elegiac aesthetic awareness of cosmic uniformity. Parlá’s mind is concerned with the creation of images rather than with photography in the conventional sense, although he is not divorced from the natural world of documentation, he lives the life of an artist between the illusory and the real on a bridging hyphen of creativity.


「常に多様性と驚きは私の関心事の一つでした。クリエイションにおけるこの二つの領域を行き来するのが私 の意図するところです。」- レイ・パルラ

この度CE&Gではブルックリンを拠点に活動する作家レイ・パルラの日本初個展を開催し、東京及びニューヨ ークで制作された写真、映像作品を展示いたします。

レイ・パルラは人間の存在が持つ内と外の二面性;生命体同士を結びつけるグレーな架け橋や物象が持つ曖 昧さ、そしてこれら二面性によって芸術がどのように知覚、解釈、熟慮、適応され、記録される方法に関心を持っ ています。彼はアヴァン・ギャルドの美的枠組みや自身が使うメディウムでもある写真の歴史などを参照しなが らも、”photography”という言葉が現代に持つ広義な意味や、人に対して開かれているテクノロジーである ことに限定されることなく広く活動をしております。

パルラの作品はイメージの生成に主眼が置かれています。作品の中心にあるテーマは光、色、フォルムそして 意識です。構想段階から「アクション・プロセッシング」と作家が呼称する手法に至るまでの身体と精神が融合、 連結せながら作品は制作されていきます。作品の全容を掴むにはある程度の時間を有しながらも、鑑賞者に は様々な解釈のきっかけを与えます。

映像を学んだレイ・パルラはカテゴラゼーションにとらわれることなく、様々な手法を駆使しながら特異点が定 まらない錯覚にも似た抽象的なオプティカル作品を発表しております。パルラは旧来の写真としてのあり方よ りもイメージの生成方法に重きがあり、記録をするという本来の考えから完全に距離を取っているわけではな いにしろ、彼自身は錯覚と現実の間を作家として行き来しているのです。

今回の展覧会はブルックリンのCrown Heightsで好評を博した展示「Borderless」のテーマを踏襲したも のになります。線や光、抽象や被写体の自己投影、撮影環境などに対する探求を「INTENTIONS」でさらに進 めていきます。ここで提示される写真は現実世界を反映したものではなく、「写真」そのものを反映しているの です。ここにある作品は写真についての写真なのです。