Founder : Yoichi Nakamuta | 中牟田 洋一
Directors : Yoichi Nakamuta | 中牟田 洋一, Taku Sato | 佐藤 拓


founded by Yoichi Nakamuta, 2007
Moved to Roppongi(current location) in 2012
currently directed by Yoichi Nakamuta and Taku Sato



As a combination of contemporary design and art, CLEAR EDITION &
GALLERY was founded by design editor Yoichi Nakamuta, in 2007 Tokyo.

Ever since we have been exploring the boundaries between various
realms, focusing on artists and designers who have the potential of
surpassing or elevating such genres. Our list of exhibitions include
design, paintings, photography, media art, contemporary crafts and
recently street art influenced talents.

In addition CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY has functioned as one of the most
experimental galleries in Tokyo to present art and design from abroad.
Our focus is not only on dealing contemporary art and design, but to
introduce new talents and to nourish new seeds which can enrich the
domestic scene and talents.

Tokyo is a city with diverse cultural backgrounds, both domestic and
international. Its complex / mixed aesthetic values continuously keep
this city as one of the most important soils for emerging new
cultures, and consistently giving birth to new international trends
. With a key station in such city, CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY
aims to both present and function as a hub for these emerging cultures
and new aesthetics values throughout Asia and to the world.

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Location :
2F, 7-18-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032, JAPAN

tel&fax / +81 3 3405 8438