Solo Exhibition


by Mark Drew | マーク・ドリュー

Term | 会期: 2015. Feb 5 (Thu) – Feb 28 (Sat.)
Opening Reception  : Feb5 (Thu) 19:00 – 21:30

open : 11:00-19:00 (TUE-SAT)
closed : Sunday, Monday, Holiday | 日曜、月曜、祝祭日

Venue | 会場 : CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY, Tokyo
2F, 7-18-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1060032, Japan
tel : +81 3 3405 8438

About the artist / 作家詳細 :  Mark Drew 
artist web-site :

Facebook Event page :

Artsy page :

この度、CLEAR EDITION & GALLERYでは東京在住オーストラリア人作家、マーク・ドリューの個展を開催いたします。

ドリューはオーストラリアで生まれシドニーにあるChina Heights Galleryの共同創設者としても知られ、現在も自身の作品制作だけでなく展覧会のキュレーションなども行っています。


CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY is proud to host Australian artist Mark Drew’s first solo exhibition in Japan.

Aside from his own practice as an artist, Drew is known as the co-founder of China Heights Gallery (Sydney AUS), also involved in curating exhibitions in various venues throughout the world.

The 1990’s have played an essential role for Drew, not only as the decade of his teenage, but often drawing inspirations from the pop culture and rap-music of this era. In this new exhibition “C-90” he will be showcasing a series of his latest works.