米国Parsons School of Design、ファイン・アーツ科卒


b . Osaka Japan, 1974 lives and works in Tokyo, Japan
BFA, Fine Arts, Parsons School of Design, NY USA

Since the beginning of his career as an artist, MADSAKI has shown us numerous styles ranging from extremely detailed drawings to large scale sculptures and installations. Recently his style underwent dramatic change where provocative words and phrases now play a center role. Despite of this change, MADSAKI continuously observes the society and everyday life from a distinct perspective, reinterprets and reconstructs the extracted essences into his own work. As many artists have done in the past with phrases and words, what MADSAKI portrays through his works can not be categorized as a simple “slander”, but is a form of “reconfigured phrases” easily surpassing the symbolic meanings of the original words to satirize and banter the society we live in, while arising many questions.
His “phrases”, at times roughly written, question the viewers if what they see should be taken for granted, or if it is something that should be deeply interpreted. Even further the viewers are pushed to the point where they have to depend on their sense of values if what they are facing is even a work of “art” or not. Through his works MADSAKI challenges and stirs the stereotype values of various systems we encounter in daily life.


Works Available Online

“TOKYO STREET” Singapore

“Lets MADLINGUISH” (English Class / Performance)

Solo Exhibition “In Between”, 2012


Solo Exhibitions



2013 | “Write Here, Write Now”, CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY, Tokyo, JAPAN

2012 | “In Between”, CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY, Tokyo, JAPAN

2009 | “All Day I Dream About Sunsex / Paintings”, CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY, Tokyo, JAPAN

2003 | “2in1”, Gas / Dyezu Experiment, Tokyo, JAPAN


Group Exhibitions (Selected)

2014 |
“SIDE CORE / Expression of Public Area”, Shibuya Seibu, Tokyo, Japan
“Beast from a Foreign Land – 東京の12人のアーティストとAJ Fosikのコラボレーション展 -”HPGRP Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2013 |
“TOKYO STREET”, Ikkan Art International, Singapore

2010 |
“The Barnstormers”, Joshua Liner Gallery, NY, USA

2008 |
“Hysteric Mini 20th Anniversary”, Hysteric Glamour, Tokyo, JAPAN
“The Last for the Place”, Gas / Dyezu Gallery, Tokyo, JAPAN
“What Happened to Peace”, Parco Museum, Tokyo, JAPAN

2004 |
“FAQQ”, Transplant Gallery, NY, USA
“Better Tomorrow”, Supreme Trading Annex, Brooklyn, USA
“Small Works by Big People”, Carlos Irizarry Gallery, Puerto Rico


Selected Collaborations

2004 |
“Intermission-Jun Takahashi and MADSAKI”, HK Museum of Medical Sciences, HK
“Barnstormers”, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston Salem, NC
“Intermission-Jun Takahashi and MADSAKI”, Space Force, Tokyo, JAPAN

2003 |
“Hive Mind Sound System”, Lump Gallery / Projects, Raleigh, NC
“Earthism”, Sakae Park, Nagoya, JAPAN
“Smudge Good”, CWC Gallery, Tokyo, JAPAN
“Billboards”, H&M Gallery, NY, USA

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