Solo Exhibition


by Mikito Ozeki / 尾関 幹人


2013.05.31 – 06.29   07.13
Opening reception : 2013.5.31  / 19:00-22:00


Open : TUE-SAT 11:00-19:00
Closed: SUN, MON, Holidays

7月7日 日曜日は開廊しております。
We will be open on July 7th SUN.

今展覧会において日曜日のビューイングは事前にご予約を頂いたお客様のみとさせて頂きます。お申し込みは前日土曜日の夕方17時までにお電話、もしくはこのページの最後にありますフォームにご記入の上、送信してください。/ Please reserve for Sunday viewings. Reservations are to be made by 5PM on the previous Saturday. Please contact us through the form at the end of this post 

The artist will be present at the gallery on the dates below

07.06 SAT | 13:00 – 19:00
07.07 SUN | 13:00 – 19:00
07.13 SAT | 13:00 – 19:00


この度CLEAR EDITION & GALLERYでは昨年に引き続き尾関幹人の個展を開催いたします。




尾関が我々に提示する反復運動の「塊」(作品)は小さな変化が蓄積され、静かな湖面のようにゆらめく精神状態を映し出したものでもあり、または嵐の前兆なのかもしれません。 それは作家自身が試みた自分の精神世界の探求結果であると同時に、鑑賞者に迫って来る細かなノイズの集合によって心が揺さぶられる「体験」でもあるのです。

We are proud to announce our upcoming solo exhibition by Mikito Ozeki.
Through his previous exhibition “PHYSICAL”(2012) Ozeki explored the physical action and its potential of the technique he uses, paper cutting, showing his previous works along with his newer series which he referred to as the “portrait” series.
By removing the meaning of the technique”cutting” itself, Ozeki’s technique has evolved into an exquisite physical movement, abstractly portraying his mental world. He has leaped forward, reducing the importance of his story behind replacing his paint brushes to a cutting knife. Ozeki has stepped into a new realm with his works created by pure movements of his strokes, portraying the wavering mental state of himself and others.
Feelings and mental conditions are influenced by our everyday events. The simple and replicated cuts of Ozeki is a physical reservoir of what happens to him everyday, and an quest to look into the inner world of himself and the viewers. Ozeki’s new works are layers of “small changes, like the noise you see in a dark, black TV screen”.
What is portrayed through the replicated movements and the layers of subtle changes which Ozeki gave to birth, are the quiet mental states of the mind, or even the calm before the storm. This is Ozeki’s endeavor to his inner world, as well as an “experience” of small noises approaching us viewers and stimulating our feelings.

Sunday Viewing

日曜日、ビューイングご希望の方は前日17時までにお電話、もしくは下記フォームにご記入くださいませ。 / If you would like to view the exhibition on a Sunday, Please fill in the form below or contact us by 5PM on the previous day.

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More information on the artist / 作家略歴 :
>>> Mikito Ozeki / 尾関幹人
展覧会および作家や作品については / tel 03-3405-8438 佐藤まで
For further information on the artist or his works please contact us at: / tel +81 3405 8438   Attention: SATO