Term | 会期: 2015. July 17 (Fri) – August 29 (Sat.)  September 12(Sat)
Closed from August 13, 14, 15th
Opening Reception  : July 17th (Fri) 19:00 – 21:30
reception supported by SINGHA BEER

open : 11:00-19:00 (TUE-SAT)
closed : Sunday, Monday, Holiday | 日曜、月曜、祝祭日

Sundays : RSVP contact us at contact@clearedition.jp

Venue | 会場 : CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY, Tokyo
2F, 7-18-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1060032, Japan
tel : +81 3 3405 8438


About the artist / 作家詳細 : MADSAKI

Press Release : MADSAKI_pressrelease

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Artsy page : https://artsy.net/show/clear-edition-and-gallery-wannabies-by-madsaki

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昨年に引き続き、CLEAR EDITION & GALLERYではMADSAKIの個展を開催いたします。挑発的なメッセージを中心に作品を展開して きた作家の全新作展です。社会を風刺したような痛快さを保ちながら彼の新たな試みが見える展示となります。

“なりたがり”という意味の英単語と世界最大のオークションハウス名を組み合わせた造語でもあるWANNABIE’Sに出品され るものは全て紛れもない本物(MADSAKI作)であり、同時に本物(オリジナル)ではないそれに”成りたがっている”作品です。既に80年 代より議論しつくされているように美術における唯一性の意味は希薄ですが、我々は改めてそれに気付かされると同時に、アート自体が 歴史や社会環境、マスコミニュニケーション等、多くの要素によってある意味「偏った」視点の中で相対的にしか存在意義がないというこ とに直面します。それをMADSAKIは自身のスタイルと、サンプリング/リミックスなどの手法が当たり前に存在し進化してきたストリート のアティチュードを残しながらアイロニーたっぷりに自身の作品として架空オークションハウスという展示空間にはめていくのです。

MADSAKIの展示の常ではありますが、究極的な質問でもある「そもそ もこれは現代美術なのか」それとも「ただの悪ふざけなのか」、見てい る物が「美しいのか」「オリジナルなのか」など日頃アートに対して我々 が持つ価値観に彼は揺さぶりをかけてきます。もしかすると、彼が提示 する答えは極めてシンプルで、重要なのは我々第三者が開き直りあえて wannabeとして振る舞まい、再び自由にアート(界)を泳いで楽み取り 返すことなのかもしれません。



CLEAR EDITION is proud to announce solo exhibition by Japanese artist, MADSAKI.

Well known for his provocative art works (phrases) this upcoming solo exhibition will house his most recent, experimental series.

Most of all the works which will be presented have been inspired (basically copied or referred to) by the so called masters of art, with famous (expensive / precious) works seen in school text books and public institutions, some even creating a dramatic craze with their unlimited prices. Works by these artists easily surpass the basic function of a“painting”, and can be even considered as a symbol of the vulturous consumerism in the art industry broadly known to the public today, with sensational headlines of record prices. As many artists appropriated images of democratic art forms and even works from other artists, MADSAKI will steal the imagery of the art industry today, and create his own auction house (this exhibition) naming it the“WANNABIE’S”, portraying an ironic view of the world through his new series of paintings.

All works shown at the“ WANNABIE’S”are genuine (made by MADSAKI) but at the same time not. They are“wannabe”originals. Following the ongoing debates since the appearance of“appropriation”, we will once more notice that there is no importance in originality, and that artworks only exist in the means of relativity, deeply effected by history, social backgrounds, mass communication etc. MADSAKI portrays this ironically through his own“auction house exhibition”with his distinct style and his tongue in cheek attitude from the streets where sampling / remixing existed as a common method from its initial stage.

With the recent news of a Picasso painting reaching the most expensive price for auction sales, if the members on this“art drama”stage are considered the ones successful, ironically most of the people related to art will have to end as“wannabes”. What MADSAKI aims to portray is not denial nor a feeling of lament towards the soaring market, but enjoying this dramatic craze. With the role of an“artist”in this circus he moves freely on stage with his distinct ironic perspective and straight forward messages. Perhaps he is giving us“wannabes”the chance to feel the masters art works by up close in his own humorous way.

Questions which always rise on incidents of his show, MADSAKI once again confronts us with the questions“Can this be contemporary art? Or is it just simply a prank?”,“Is this beautiful?” or“Is this original?”juddering our stereotype thoughts on art. However his suggestion seems extremely simple. Daring us to act as“wannabes”to swim through the art world with free- dom, enjoying it, and taking matters back into our own hands.