Term | 会期: 2015. Oct 2 (Fri) – Oct 24(Sat)

open : 11:00-19:00 (TUE-SAT)
closed : Sunday, Monday, Holiday | 日曜、月曜、祝祭日

Sundays : RSVP contact us at contact@clearedition.jp

Venue | 会場 : CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY, Tokyo
2F, 7-18-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1060032, Japan
tel : +81 3 3405 8438

About the artist / 作家詳細 : M Magic Kobayashi | Joji Nakamura | Jun Tsunoda

Press Release : theworks_pressrelease2015


この度、CLEAR EDITION & GALLERYではマジック・コバヤシ、中村穣二、角田純の3名によるグループ展を開催いたしま す。



これは中村の本能的な願望でもありますが、今回の展示の本質を簡潔に物語っています。3名の作品に共通して言えるこ ともまた本能的だということかもしれません。

マジック・コバヤシは、映像、写真、インスタレーションと、その表現方法を限定することなく活動しております。今回の展示で 発表する写真作品は我々が日頃見落としがちである街の一角を私的な視点で切り取った物です。ある種のドキュメンタリ ー性は秘めているにしろ、そこには非現実とも思える様な景色や情景が広がるのです。

中村穣二は自身の作品制作と合わせ、展覧会の企画など幅広く活動しております。彼は毎日気の向くままに鉛筆を走らせ、 多くのスケッチを残しながらその一部がさらにペインティングへと拡張していきます。本能が向くままに線が進み、自由か つプリミティブな曲線に沿って絵の具が盛られていき、豊かな表情を生み出します。

角田純はアートディレクターとして広告・雑誌・書籍・CDジャケットなどを第一線で手掛けてきた傍、 ライフワークとして絵 を描き続けてきました。彼の絵画は音を奏でているかのように軽やかで絶えず表現方法も進化しています。淡く浮かび上 がる情景を、躍動感のある色彩で表現し続ける角田はその独特な抽象画を通して国内外で活躍しております。

それぞれの作家は異なる手法で、具象とも抽象とも言えない揺らぎの中で本能に従い制作、活動し続けています。本展で は中村が述べている様に、三者三様の表現から生まれる新たな空気を体感していただけると幸いです。

We are proud to announce our up coming group show by M Magic Kobayashi, Joji Nakamura and Jun Tsunoda. Joji Nakamura who not only is participating but curated this show mentioned :

I’d like to see the strength and solemnity that the work has.
I want to breathe the air which the work creates just by existing there.
I always wished for a show where I can really feel“that feeling”when entering an exhibition.

This is Nakamura’s instinctive desire, but also simply explains this group exhibition. Perhaps“instinc- tive”is the common keyword for the three different artists.

M Magic Kobayashi works in a broad range of mediums from film, photography to installations. In this exhibition he will present works of cropped images of the city which most of us care less about, that have been captured by Kobayashi’s distinctive perspectives. Although having a documentary aspect, his works portray the surreal side of our everyday life.

Joji Nakamura is known for curating and organizing art exhibition, aside from producing his own art- works. Nakamura produces sketches on an everyday basis, with a few of them then evolving into paint- ings. The primitive lines and curves drawn by Nakamura, are then followed by a thick layer of acrylic paint added to the canvas surrounding the lines, giving his works the distinct characters he is known for.

Jun Tsunoda has been painting even before his prominent career as an art director for advertisements and magazines. His works portray a sense of lightness, often referred to similarities to music, as if his brush strokes are following music notes playing a comfortable tune. His vague and abstract, but lively imageries are portrayed through distinct usage of colors and mediums. He has been showing his ab- stract paintings both domestically and internationally.

Each artist express themselves in a different way, wondering but following each of their instincts in their world located in between abstract and figurative realms. As Nakamura quoted, we would like our visitors to breathe in the atmosphere created by the three.